Ještěd Tower

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Ještěd Tower

#1 Post by Danny » 31 Dec 2019, 08:43

Ještěd Tower

jested tower

Ještěd Tower is a 94-meter-tall television transmitter built on the top of Ještěd mountain near Liberec in the Czech Republic. It is made of reinforced concrete shaped in a hyperboloid form. The tower's architect is Karel Hubáček who was assisted by Zdeněk Patrman, involved in building statics, and by Otakar Binar who designed the interior furnishing. It took the team three years to finalize the structure design (1963-1966). The construction itself took seven years to finish (1966-1973).


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Re: Ještěd Tower

#2 Post by Honzeeczech » 31 Dec 2019, 09:43

Thank You so much! :-)

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Re: Ještěd Tower

#3 Post by schweizerleague » 02 Jan 2020, 17:00

oooo thank you, i wanted to go there at summer but they had a problem with cableway :(

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Re: Ještěd Tower

#4 Post by Muetze » 21 Jan 2021, 18:11

That's cool. Have been there as kid at kind of pathfinder camp. Now can enjoy it here :up: many thanks :up:

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